The Future of Business Connectivity: 2024 Trends and Technologies

Business connectivity and telecommunications technologies constantly evolve, so staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial. 

Here, the team at Zeus Connex takes a look at the future of business connectivity and the trends and technologies we expect to see in 2024. 

Growing use of virtual business phone numbers 

An emerging trend to support a mobile workforce is the use of virtual business phone numbers. These numbers are linked to a business account rather than a physical location. They work differently from telephone numbers connected via a landline or smartphone.

For example, the Ericsson-LG (E-LG) iPECS Cloud System is a virtual business number system that allows you to stay connected wherever you are in the globe, calling from any device. Virtual business phone numbers are quite literally revolutionising how the world communicates.

Having a virtual business phone number ensures your business remains professional, even if your teams are distributed worldwide. It also provides the flexibility and resilience to stay connected regardless of your location or device. You’ll no longer need to be in the office to call a client or use your mobile phone for these calls.  

Keeping teams connected 

It’s no secret that remote and hybrid working environments are here to stay, so businesses must ensure their teams can communicate effectively wherever they are based. And that means your teams have reliable and fast connections to your networks, so they can be just as productive at home as they are in the office.

This also encapsulates communication in the form of hosted telephony systems. It’s anticipated that as 2024 progresses, more and more businesses will integrate hosted telephony systems into their communications exosystem. 

Hosted telephony systems like the Ericsson-LG (E-LG) iPECS Cloud System serve as the central hub for messaging and calling, employees can seamlessly transition between various communication channels. This cohesion fosters a more efficient and collaborative work environment, reducing the need to switch between multiple applications.  

Integrating business telecoms into CRMs

Good communication is critical to a successful business. When you add telecoms to your CRM, you put all your ways of communicating with customers, such as phone, email, and texts, in one centralised place. This makes talking to customers more accessible and organised, which not only makes your work processes more seamless but improves overall customer satisfaction too.

Plus, integrating your business telecoms into CRMs can help provide greater customer insights into customer interactions. It gives you the power to collect data on call logs and customer preferences in a single platform. With this real-time data, your business can make more informed decisions, quickly anticipate customer needs, and deliver personalised services. 

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