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Hosted Telephony Systems

Imagine giving your staff the flexibility of being able to call, chat, and access customer information, all in one place, but remotely, from wherever they are in the world.
At Zeus Connex, we’ve made this idea possible. We are revolutionising the way businesses communicate thanks to our state-the-art hosted telephony system. Let us introduce you to our Ericsson-LG (E-LG) iPECS Cloud system.

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E-LG iPECS Cloud: A flexible communications system that works around you

When it comes to business, flexible future is the future, which means you should have a communications system that works around you and your employees. The E-LG iPECS Cloud gives staff the chance to do their job from any location. This means, that whether they are in the office with access to a handset, or situated remotely but via a smartphone, they will have the ability to connect to your businesses internal communication system.

Not only does the E-LG iPECS Cloud system guarantee to enhance your current communications structure but it promises to save you time, space and money. Furthermore, we strive to create a telecoms package that is built with your business needs in mind, which means each solution we deliver is totally bespoke to each individual customer.

So, is the E-LG iPECS Cloud system right for your business? Here’s some common business scenarios that will be solved if you install E-LG iPECS.

I want to give my staff the flexibility to work remotely but don’t want to sacrifice customer service

Thanks to our forward-thinking cloud system, the E-LG iPECS provides the perfect solution for any business owner wanting to offer flexible working, without sacrificing that first-class customer service they promise. So, if an internal number is called, then both the employee’s desktop phone and their mobile phone will ring – which not only gives staff chance to work remotely but also ensures they won’t miss that all important customer call.

Better still, all smart phone calling is done through an app, which means your employees can switch off when they’re not working. Plus, thanks to E-LG iPECS, your employees will no longer have to use their personal numbers to liaise with customers, enhancing that all important work-life balance.

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I’m looking for a communications system that will move seamlessly with my business

One of the huge benefits that comes with the E-LG iPECS Cloud is that it does not require on-site hardware. This means, set up is easy and hassle free. Better still, if you decide to move offices, or in fact introduce a 100 per cent remote working policy, nothing will change. That’s right, your employees will all keep the same number – and so will your business. Simply put, your E-LG iPECS Cloud number is unique to your business, not your location.

I want to create a local presence, from my national headquarters

The great thing about the E-LG iPECS Cloud is that it gives businesses the chance to have an unlimited amount of numbers linked to their account. This means that they could have multiple phone numbers – including localised numbers – which are all linked back to the same business, wherever that business is located.

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My staff member missed a phone call but want to easily access the voicemail

A clever feature that comes with the E-LG iPECS Cloud is that it translates voicemails into emails, which means your staff will be able to easily pick up any urgent messages – as well as the telephone number that has called – and get back to customers as soon as possible, without having to wait to return back to their handset.

I want to ensure my staff are being productive while working in the office or remotely

The E-LG iPECS Cloud is more than just your average phone system. With a record feature included, businesses can now listen back to phone calls and use those conversations for future training purposes. Remember also, recording phone calls will always put your business in a better position if they ever needed to access conversations with customers for legal purposes.

Furthermore, the E-LG iPECS Cloud offers reporting and analytics, making it easier than ever for managers and team leaders to access data on all incoming and outgoing calls. This will allow you to not only keep on top of team productivity but will give you the opportunity to set goals, while making any necessary improvements to help grow your business.  

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I want my staff to still feel like they’re part of the team, even from home

While flexibility comes with its benefits, it can also make staff feel isolated separate to their colleagues. The E-LG iPECS Cloud unites staff together, by fostering that office feel thanks to its file share and chat features – even if they are miles apart. Furthermore, it gives managers and business owners peace of mind, knowing that staff are able to remain productive, despite not being in the office in person.

I keep getting unexpected and surprising phone bill costs

We have a customer-first policy, which means trust, reliability and transparency are at the core of what we do at Zeus Connex. We promise to deliver a first-class service, without the hidden costs. Once signed up, you’ll be on a rolling monthly contract, which means no unexpected surprises when the bill comes through.

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I’m not ready to make the change to the cloud yet

If you’d prefer to stick with the ‘traditional’ phone method, which involves installing a phone system on-site, then that is absolutely fine. To make sure you are getting the right telecoms package for your business, then contact Zeus Connex and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

I want a phone system that automatically connects with my current CRM

The E-LG iPECS Cloud compliments the current tools and programmes available at your business, including your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). This means that when a member of staff receives a phone call, if that number has been previously logged on your CRM, it will automatically bring up any information on that customer – making the conversation seamlessly professional and sleek.