5 reasons to use cloud storage over local storage

Just because you have a small business, that doesn’t mean investing in cloud storage is out of your reach. Here are five reasons why your business should consider using cloud storage over local storage.

1. Data is available from any location and on any device 

Cloud storage could benefit your teams greatly if your business supports remote or hybrid working. Cloud storage drives collaboration as it makes it easy to share files and access data from anywhere securely. 

Even if your business doesn’t offer remote working, there might be times when you collaborate with outside resources or clients – this could all be made easier with cloud storage.

2. Seamless data backups

Losing data can be catastrophic for any business. It can damage performance and impact productivity. But cloud storage solutions regularly back up your data, so there is always a copy on file, meaning it is virtually impossible to lose a file ever again. 

Having accurate and recent backups of your data means that if there is any data loss, you can simply and seamlessly restore it when necessary (which can be extremely handy in emergencies).

3. A scalable storage solution 

Cloud storage excels at storing small and large amounts of data. Any local storage solutions require physical space in your business, and the more data you want to store will increase the amount of physical storage you’ll need. 

However, cloud storage makes it easy to scale up your storage solution. While there will be associated costs, you’ll also have peace of mind that your data is secure.  Plus, should you need to scale down in the future, it’s simple to do. 

4. Strengthens your security posture

In today’s digital world, the threat of a cyber attack or a security breach is more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’. More and more hackers are targeting small businesses, which are easier to infiltrate. 

Cloud storage can help your business strengthen its security posture to become more robust and resilient against attacks. It uses security measures such as encryption and multifactor authentication to keep your data secure and prevent unauthorised access. 

5. Cloud storage is reliable

Local storage can be unreliable. Hard drives crashing or system failures can cause unnecessary downtime and lead to the loss of valuable data. But cloud storage, on the other hand, is extremely reliable.  

Data is stored in multiple locations around the world to ensure you can always access your files when you need them. 

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